What Are R&D Tax Credits?
Are you involved in research and development (R&D)? You may be due thousands of pounds or more of tax relief on any R&D activity you perform.
Qualifying For R&D Tax Relief
R&D isn't just about creating new products, processes and services. You may be innovating without even realising! Find out today if you qualify.
How Is R&D Tax Relief Calculated?
We can help you identify all areas of R&D tax relief in your company. Projects don't even have to be successful or completed to qualify as R&D!
Our R&D Tax Credit Services
We offer a comprehensive end-to-end service to help you claim your R&D tax relief, whether you're a small, medium-sized or large organisation.
How will I receive my R&D tax credits?
The manner in which you receive your tax relief will depend on the profitability of your business. Learn more about your claim here.
How can R&D Tax Shop help?
R&D Tax Shop has an expert team of tax and accounting specialists who can handle every element of your claim. Are you ready to get started?

Why the R&D Taxshop?

Starts with a visit/telephone/skype conversation to understand your business and to ascertain R&D work – there will usually be several conversations as the draft claim progresses.
Accounts from your own accountant for the past 2 years and a copy of the corporation tax returns they prepared (where we don’t already act for you).
We prepare a report for HMRC on the R&D together with costings and tax claims.
A wait of about 8 weeks on average.
Once agreed, you will then receive your rebate.
And we will invoice our agreed percentage.

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