Qualifying for R&D tax relief

Qualifying for R&D Tax Relief

Research and development (R&D) projects are at the heart of some companies’ activities, helping to advance understanding of their fields and solve a wide range of problems.


Are you creating new products, processes and services for yourself or for your clients? Perhaps you're changing or modifying existing practices? When innovation becomes a part of the culture, it can be hard to recognise it for what it is, but these efforts could qualify for tax relief under the government’s R&D tax credits scheme.


Relief is available no matter the size of your business, if you can demonstrate a project that sought to overcome a scientific or technological uncertainty.


Sectors and Activity

R&D tax credits are not limited to businesses in any particular sectors. R&D Tax Shop has advised on successful claims for clients in construction, manufacturing, agriculture and hospitality. The key is that the R&D activity takes place as part of a project to overcome uncertainty.


HMRC provides a list of questions to ask yourself when trying to determine whether your project qualifies for R&D tax credits, including:


  • What uncertainties were encountered?
  • How were the uncertainties overcome?
  • Can another professional offer the solution?