R&D in Agriculture

Research and development (R&D) in agriculture can affect a wide range of other industries. New farming techniques can lead to manufacturing and engineering advances, while innovative approaches to how food is handled and processed can benefit the whole supply chain


Many farmers engage in R&D without even realising it, as they look for new opportunities and ways to gain a competitive edge in a difficult market. Much of this work qualifies for R&D tax credits, which were introduced to encourage innovation in UK industry.


Vertical farming, the use of drones and developments in robotics are just some examples of recent R&D in agriculture. Companies involved in any aspect of the industry could benefit from an examination of their activities with a view to submitting a claim for tax relief.


Examples of eligible activities


  • Designing new machinery or components
  • Creating new fertilisers or pesticides
  • Researching new techniques to maximise yield
  • Creating new processes to reduce wastage
  • Developing automated farming processes
  • Development of technology to support farming