Construction and Renovation

R&D in Construction

Sustainability and safety are among the most important drivers of innovation for construction companies, and the industry is no stranger to research and development (R&D).


For as long as buildings have been erected, there have been efforts to improve the techniques and understanding behind them. Modern construction companies need to balance tight budgets with rising customer expectations, so innovation is more important than ever.


R&D tax credits provide an incentive for firms to identify new ways of working, from the use of new, sustainable materials to construction techniques that make sites safer and more efficient. For more information on construction activity that may be eligible for tax relief, see the list of examples below.


Examples of eligible activities


  • Investigating and using new materials
  • Adapting and repurposing traditional material
  • Researching energy-saving techniques
  • Overcoming traditional challenges in new ways
  • Creating efficient construction techniques
  • Developing safer methods and practices
  • Researching and developing new tools