Scientific and Medical

R&D in the scientific and medical sector

Innovation in the scientific and medical sector is key to advancing our understanding of the world and raising healthcare standards. Research and development (R&D) tax credits help promote this innovation, encouraging companies to deliver the solutions that ultimately improve our everyday lives and health.


However, many companies involved in scientific and medical R&D do not realise they are eligible for these credits, particularly where they are working as a subcontractor or within the supply chain.


If your company embarks on a project that provides a technological or scientific advancement, and you face a significant degree of difficulty in implementing it, you may well be eligible for R&D tax credits. Examples of scientific and medical R&D that are likely to qualify are shown below.


Examples of eligible activities


  • Altering medication to reduce side effects
  • Creating a process for more effective sterilisation
  • Develop software to sync providers & services
  • Conducting research into sustainable materials
  • Designing and constructing a prototype
  • Use technology to create effective testing methods
  • Developing software that improves service delivery